Grande Livro/ Great Book

  • Réhahn is a french photographer currently living in Hoi An in Vietnam. He is guided by his thirst for discovery and his will to catch the portraits hidden deep in the landscape.The locals continuously reflect his portraits as special; they are open-invitations to discovery, to conceptualise a story through his eyes. Réhahn spends time interacting with the people who photographs. He listens, shares and understands them, in order to find their spark which makes his portraits light up in meaning.

    Photography for Rehahn has become more than a passion: it is a duty, his life. He is a inquirer of plain, in a quest to find the things that cannot be unseen, the people you cannot forget and the moments you will keep dear in your heart.
    He will not leave without his camera to make sure he can catch the evanescent moments that most eyes tend to overlook, such as Smoking Time, Editor’s Choice in National Geographic the 20th of August. The details of his shots have been recognized in Vietnam, on multiple TV channels and well-known newspapers. He captures a moment in its true form, fleeting instances here emotions and senses go hand-in-hand, giving the portraits an ability to speak with you and share with you exactly they have seen.
    The extra steps Réhahn takes is starting to yield results; Front page on multiple magazines, 12 500 people came to admire his exposition for Vietnamese Women’s Day in Hanoi. the combination of timing, searching and dedication, conveying what words cannot say throughout his shots, rendering people speechless and wanting to see more. He takes the time to observe, and find the marvels, the secret wonders such as Hidden Smile, the picture of the day in National Geographic France. 
    This devotion has hit multiple top story news, that can be reviewed through multiple online magazines or newspapers including GEO. In 2 months, Réhahn and his art has been mentioned in 10 top news TV channels, multiple magazines, and his work is now circling around the web on blogs, websites, and more. 

    Réhahn is officially releasing his first book, coming out in January. He carefully chose his 140 best shots to give his readers the beauty that he has managed to find throughout his journeys as a globetrotter, a truth finder and a humanity seeker. Moments you do not want to miss.
    It is due on January 2014.

VIETNAM, MOSAIC OF CONTRASTS  is 140 pages of Vietnam
Big photo book (33x28cm)
To order it online:



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